Conditions of Ukrainian horticulture

Ukraine is worldwide known as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of agricultural products. But, mostly, it refers to grains and oil seeds. Ukraine is the greatest oil producer in the world. Really favorable geographical position and appropriate climatic conditions make it possible to grow many different crops. Not only grains and crops. Ukraine has all conditions for growing fruit crops. The potential of Ukraine in growing these agriculture is enormous.

According to the latest information given by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the development of horticultural and berry fields is among the main priorities of the state.

Statistics says that on January, the 1st 2016 in Ukraine is 727.2 thousand hectares under orchards, including 206.0 thousand hectares occupied by fruit and berry plantings in fertile age.

The total exports of fruit and berry products amounted to almost 100 thousand tons for the sum 154 million dollars. The main export positions of Ukraine are walnuts, fresh apples, blackberries and blueberries, processed products of fruit and berry (mainly frozen berries).

It means that horticultural sector can be highly functional and profitable if there is a proper funding. So, in case the government pay enough attention and create adequate conditions for the industry, Ukraine can enter the global market as a leading exporter of vegetables and fruits.